CDC Executive Director Needed

Job Title:         Child Development Center Executive Director          Reports To:      Director of Operations


FLSA Classification:     Exempt   Non-Exempt                            Date Drafted:  April 2022


Status:   Full-Time Salary    Part-Time (Hourly)


Position Collaborates with:  church staff, committees, councils, CDC staff, and parents in the performance of her/his duties in addition to outside vendors and media in the community.


Job Purpose


The CDC Executive Director is responsible to oversee the organizing, administration, and management of the Child Development Centers (Downtown and Trinity Campuses) by the on-site Directors, while providing a nurturing environment where all children can develop and learn to their fullest potential.


Statement of Faith


Buncombe Street United Methodist Church is committed to the goal “To be and to make disciples for Jesus Christ.” All employees should be individually committed to this goal and should keep this in mind in every interaction at the workplace.


Key Measures


  • Child Development Center (Downtown and Trinity Campuses) are functioning at full capacity
  • Compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements as required by DSS, DHEC, and other accrediting agencies
  • Curriculum used is developmentally appropriate and of high quality
  • Promise to uphold the philosophy of the United Methodist Church regarding the spiritual development of young children.
  • Accurate record keeping


Responsibilities – General


  • Responsible for the overall day-to-day operation of the CDC centers – Downtown and Trinity (full day and school age).
  • Split time as events warrant between both campuses, being on-site at each campus weekly. Maintain office hours at both.  Time should be roughly split 65% / 35% based on number of children.
  • Oversee and mentor the on-site directors for the Downtown and Trinity CDCs.
  • Work with the CDC Board of Directors to create and maintain long-range plans to meet CDC goals; This includes presenting a monthly progress report to the Board
  • Manage, organize, administer and evaluate the CDC
  • Work with the Church Ministry Team as a ministry partner, collaborating to bring Christian education into the CDC
  • Meet regularly with Children’s Ministry Director of the church and others involved in the church’s educational program for young children, to ensure a smooth cooperative relationship
  • Attend workshops and conferences related to the work as approved in the CDC budget
  • Make recommendations to the Church Property Committees concerning maintenance and improvements so that a safe, sanitary and attractive environment will be provided
  • Manage and help prepare annual budget
  • Review and approve invoices to ensure the CDC is staying within budget
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of all local, state and federal regulations to ensure that the Center meets such standards
  • Coordinate children’s spiritual guidance with the Children’s Minister
  • Work with the Director of Facilities and Maintenance and custodial personnel so that the CDC facility is maintained in a safe, sanitary and comfortable condition
  • Monitor curriculum to ensure it is developmentally appropriate and of high quality; make curriculum changes when necessary
  • Review each child’s status report to ensure progress and work with the teachers/children for any who are falling behind
  • Maintain an appropriate and professional relationship with all families and staff
  • Respond to parent requests/concerns in a timely and professional manner
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Director of Operations and CDC Board



               Responsibilities – Staff


  • Manage CDC staff, including counseling, corrective action and termination if required
  • Maintain a positive attitude and promote a positive work environment for staff
  • Follow DSS and BSUMC screening and hiring requirements for CDC staff, volunteers and others who are to provide services in the facility
  • Maintain complete and accurate administrative records related to personnel, including volunteers and emergency persons
  • Inform each employee upon employment of their duties including the statutory requirement to report suspected child abuse or neglect
  • Review all center policies at least annually with staff
  • Provide continuous in-service training for staff
  • Conduct on-going planning sessions and annual performance evaluations with staff
  • Ensure all CDC employees have a current first aid and infant/child CPR certification



Regulatory Requirements


  • Ensure compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements as required by DSS, DHEC, BSUMC and other accrediting regulatory agencies
  • Process and maintain a DSS license in the current Director’s name
  • Post all required notifications in the appropriate areas
  • Maintain complete and accurate administrative records related to enrollment and attendance
  • Ensure the CDC is compliant with the “Safe Sanctuary” Policies of BSUMC
  • Notify Department of Child Protective Services or local law enforcement when it appears that a child has been or may have been abused and/or neglected in accordance with the South Carolina Code Annotated Section 20-7-510
  • Ensure the CDC is able to maintain accreditations and licenses required by SC Law and DSS





  • Bachelors degree in Child Development Education or related field required or commensurate experience
  • Must have current First Aid, CPR and Blood borne pathogens training
  • Must complete 20 hours of Child Development Continuing Education
  • Must have valid SC drivers license





  • Must have a minimum of 5 years in CDC supervisory experience
  • Strong oral and written communication skills required
  • Microsoft Office Skills required
  • Strong adherence to confidentiality required




  • Be able to sit for up to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Use computer frequently
  • Be able to lift 50 lbs occasionally
  • Be able to drive a 15-passenger bus occasionally