District Clergy Gathering Reminder

November 15: 9:00-12:00

St. Matthews UMC, 701 Cleveland Street, Greenville

“Talking Like Christians about Race”

In February of 1947 South Carolina’s last lynching occurred outside of Greenville. A courageous Methodist preacher, Hawley Lynn, preached what has been called “South Carolina Methodism’s finest sermon.” The sermon was entitled “Who Lynched Willie Earle?”

In the spirit of that preacher and sermon, we shall reflect together on how the biblical witness speaks to the issue of white racism in our day and explore ways that the church can be more effective in its confrontation with our racial past and present. How can we talk as Christians about the sin of racism?

The workshop will be led by Will Willimon, Duke professor, United Methodist bishop, and Greenville native. Will’s book, Who Lynched Willie Earle? : Preaching to Confront Racism (Abingdon Press) will serve as the basis for the day’s discussions.

Clergy are welcome to bring staff leaders to this meeting.